History of Cool-Tex Air Conditioner Cleaning System

    Due to hot air and a large amount of pollution nowadays, this requires every car to install the air-conditioner inside the car and use it every day. The working principle of air-conditioner is similar to the operating principle of air-conditioner in a house. The cool air ventilation into the passenger room is from the air-conditioner blower sucks the air through cooling coil and inside the cooling coil there is cooling substance which changes from fluid into gas by using latent heat from the surrounding air. Therefore, when the air conditioner blower blow the air passing the pipe surface and cooling coil the air will be sucked of latent heat which would make the air cooler as cooling air into passenger room. This circle repeats itself all the time when the air-conditioner is working and when the air-conditioner blower sucks the air from inside or outside the passenger room there would also be dust, dirty things and smelly scent and when it has passed goes through wet cooling coil because it sucks the moisture from the air and condensed into water and this makes dust and stain to mix with water and turns into stain and mud fixing at the cooling coil. This is source of germs, moulds and smelly scent and if it accumulated for a long time it would cause bad effect to the air conditioning system and health of drivers and passengers as follows.

1. The air wind will be less intense and the coolness will decrease.

2. It wastes more fuel because the air compressor must work harder in order to receive the same coolness level.

3. The compressor will wear out before normal usage time.

4. Driver and passenger have the chance to catch respiratory disease such as allergy or headache and to not feel fresh while driving.


    Generally, the service center would recommend to clean the air-conditioner cooling coil of a car every 20,000 kilometers or every 1 year but the traditional way of cooling coil cleaning is complicated because car manufacturer will design by hiding cooling coil under car equipment such as console for aesthetic reason but the cooling coil is dirty it needs to be cleaned so there is difficulty and complication because many equipments must be disassembled such as the console, dashboard, refrigerant pipe which causes a problem as follows.

1. It wastes a lot of time and the expense is high (refrigerant, labor cost and others)

2. The equipment of the console after the dismantling might be damaged.

3. Most of the time caustic soda will be used to clean which would cause the cooling coil to leak.


Console dismantling for air-conditioner coil cleaning

    To have Cool-Tex cleaning system without having to dismantle the console and dashboard, the nozzle can spray cleaning solution as foam to clean the cooling coil in the air condition cabinet that is usually installed under the console. The dirty stain and cleaning water would be pushed out from the waste water pipe under the car which makes the coil cleaning to go conveniently, quickly, and there is no remaining things and it would not damage related equipments which make air in the car cleaner which protects the health and respiratory disease and help the car air conditioner to not work so hard which would save the fuel and wind is stronger.

How is Cool-Tex system better than the traditional way?


Traditional Way Cool-Tex System

To dismantle the Coil cabinet, console and dashboard must be removed ,then we have to take risk with the damage

No need to dismantle the Coil cabinet, the console and dashboard no need to removed, then no risk with the damage

Cut the air pipe and let out refrigerant and change some spare parts

No cut to air pipe and no letting out of refrigerant, no spare part change

Normally use of caustic soda

No use of caustic soda

Fill out new refrigerant

No refilling of new refrigerant

No ozone baking

Bake ozone to kill germs and bad smell

Take 3 hours – 2 days

Convenient and quick in just 30 minutes

The expense is high

The expense is cheaper


Benefit of cleaning the air conditioner by Cool-Tex system


1. After the cleaning the cooling coil is clean and there is no dust, dirty things and germs.

2. After the cleaning the air-condition air is stronger and the air is cooler.

3. After the cleaning the air is fresh and there is no bad smell.

4. It can save fuel oil because the air compressor works to its full efficiency.

5. It extends the usage time of air Compressor and Coil.

6. Protects the respiratory disease and allergy.