History of Cool-Tex Air Conditioner Cleaning System

    Due to hot air and a large amount of pollution nowadays, this requires every car to install the air-conditioner inside the car and use it every day. The working principle of air-conditioner is similar to the operating principle of air-conditioner in a house. The cool air ventilation into the passenger room is from the air-conditioner blower sucks the air through cooling coil and inside the cooling coil there is cooling substance which changes from fluid into gas by using latent heat from the surrounding air. ... Read more

What is the Cool-Tex car air conditioner cleaning system?

Cool-Tex cleaning system is the combination of various advance technology which it has high efficiently and reliability to replace the traditional way of air cleaning. Cool-Tex system is the Semi-Auto system working with the technician but every working steps has controlled by the computer in order to achieve the highest efficiently of air cleaning with less time and less labor cost... Read more